Back Home- for Now…

F464AB49-F7EE-46AD-B98D-3AED9894612BSo, here I am in my own flat, with my own kitchen in which I can cook. It’s a shame I don’t have a fridge I can use right at the moment. Help is at hand, however, and that should be sorted out soon. I’ve decided I need to earn some money, so have registered with a couple of employment agencies., so here’s hoping. I’ve shown some friends my photos from my five weeks in Spain- it makes me realise how much fun I had and that I do want to go back. I had reached the stage where I wanted to settle down a bit, however, in order to do that, I need an income. So, here I am, preparing for Christmas and hoping to carry on doing the work I need to do to the flat.

Still in the South

What a week- I’ve been to Cádiz and Jerez and been persuaded to come back to Seville. I particularly liked Jerez- I had a tour around the Tio Pepe/González Byass bodega. Some nice Californian sisters shared some nibbles with me while we tasted sherry.

I am staying in an apartment near the Macarena district. It turns out that it’s quite easy to walk into the city centre, which is helpful. I was hoping to do a TEFL course- however didn’t do my research in time and the course is full until January. I booked a flight to London yesterday in the hope that I can sort things out when I get back to London.


1EFE59C1-E8A1-4E51-BBCD-097A068B5A64What a wonderful city! I’ve been here before, but when I think about it, that was 1999, very scary to think that was 18 years ago! I’ve spent two days in the Alpujarras, deep in the Sierra Nevada mountains in a beautiful cortijo. I’d like to see Cadiz and Jerez, so here’s hoping.

Further South

E346F54A-3717-4659-8EA3-2EB9E44FF497So I find myself staying at a friend’s apartment for a few days- it’s good to see her again and enjoy the town, which is quite small. I had quite a journey getting here- I was racing to where the coach was, only to see it leaving- and it was the last one of the day, so I had to get a coach to a nearby town and then a taxi, which dropped me in the middle of nowhere. With help, I managed to find my way where I should. I now have to consider ‘what next?’ Renting an apartment? Finding work?

First blog post

So, I’ve arrived in Valencia and spent two nights in a very agreeable Airbnb with resident Yorkshire terrier, who was very friendly and licked my hand this morning when I left. I spent yesterday at the Ciutat des Artes y Ciencias, including the Oceanografic, meaning lots of sharks and other fish.